You don’t understand gravity

For something we have to contend with every moment of every day, gravity is a surprisingly counterintuitive phenomenon. Almost everything you think you know about gravity is wrong.

First the basic pedestrian gravity:

“Gravity is a force.” Nope. You can’t feel gravity.

“Gravity is strong.” Haha, no. It’s the weakest by far.

“Things are weightless in space is because there is no gravity there.” I can’t even…

More subtle:

“Tides happen because the Moon attracts the Earth.” Well, more like “…because the Moon tries to squish Earth.”

“Gravity always pulls.” Dark energy actually pushes space apart.

And, of course, can’t forget everyone’s scariest favorite celestial objects:

“Black holes suck in everything.” No, pound for pound, they are the smallest and so the safest objects in the universe, so easy to miss.

“There is a singularity in the center of a black hole.” Only in a sense that inevitable death is a center of one’s existence.

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