You don’t understand gravity

For something we have to contend with every moment of every day, gravity is a surprisingly counterintuitive phenomenon. Almost everything you think you know about gravity is wrong. First the basic pedestrian gravity: “Gravity is a force.” Nope. You can’t feel gravity. “Gravity is strong.” Haha, no. It’s the weakest by far. “Things are weightless… Continue reading You don’t understand gravity

Musk’s Gulch

First, a confession: I have not read (much of) Atlas Shrugged. The damn thing is nigh unreadable. But this minor obstacle should not deter me from talking about it, right? TL;DR: Musk is a modern-day John Galt without the worst of Rand’s literary theatrics (but, of course, with plenty of his own), and Musk’s perspective… Continue reading Musk’s Gulch

On Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm syndrome is a way for humans to take control of the situation, when there is no way to control the situation. How? If you cannot change what’s going on in the world outside of you, you have to change your reaction to it. You change the way you perceive the situation, and in this… Continue reading On Stockholm Syndrome

Oyster Poop

So you think you have it all, right? You are smart, you put an effort in, you learned the tricks of the trade, and fortune favors the bold? And now the world is your oyster. Well, shit. The world is not your oyster, you are its phytoplankton. It will suck you through its slimy gills,… Continue reading Oyster Poop